IKKI – ABOUT ME

IKKI was founded in 2016 as my own brand. The name comes from my name Niki. My main profil is backpacks. The products are handmade designed from me and handmade produced in Europe.

                                       IKKI – WALK WITH NATURE

My inspirations come from natural & city life as well. I prefer minimal style in the field of the colours, materials and shape.With my products, I would like to bring a little bit of nature into the city life, which shall transmit natural tranquillity.


                                     IKKI – NATURAL MATERIALS

I use the best quality natural materials for my bags. Cotton, Leather, Metal symbolize to me the elements of the nature. Furthermore, they are decorative and durable. 


                                       IKKI – BIODEGRADABLE

Because of the Natural Materials, my Products are Biodegradable. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.